Cornelia Schulz – Spiral muscle training & massage

Cornelia is a nourishing therapist and has taught spiral muscle training for several years. In the year 2014, she discovered the tango and realized very quickly that in the spiral muscle training many body regions are addressed and movement sequences are trained, which are important in tango. For the erection, a stable body center and stability on one leg we use for the construction, or the training of the spirals muscles.

The training supports our anatomically functional movements according to the spiral dynamics. Strengthened, stretched and relaxed are precisely the muscle groups that we need for efficiency in movement - while walking and dancing. Thus our diagonal muscle chain remains elastic from the feet to:

  • A stable axis
  • Balance, even on one leg
  • Body tension
  • A strong center
  • Body awareness
  • Good movement coordination
  • And relieving the spine, joints and feet.

For this training we use a flexible rope and train - slowly - standing - with little force - in conscious erection and mindful.

Cornelia also offers various massage techniques. These can be arranged according to your wishes with Cornelia. The massage service is not included in the package.

You can find more information about Cornelias work in detail at:
Cornelia Schulz - Gangart (Berlin

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