Zafer Yiğitoğlu – Tango

I am Zafer, born 1975, product designer, a berlin tango dancer and teacher.

As a native of Turkey I started early with folk dances and guitar lessons. In the 80s I practiced Taekwondo and enjoyed guitar lessons with different guitar teachers. In the 90s I participated in the Berlin Conservatory for Turkish Music (BTMK), which influenced me not only musically but also artistically.

From 2000 onwards, my physical activities included Olympic boxing (amateur boxing) in addition to recreational dancing. As a C-licensed boxing trainer and boxer I completed my last official boxing competition at the age of 40. In 2015 I started teaching tango.

To improve my own tango, I started with contact improvisation, contemporary and ballet, among other dances. These additional experiences as well as boxing influenced and still influence my tango and my tango lessons. I always work according to the motto "speed as result and not as goal". I attach great importance to the clarity of the structures adapted to the anatomical possibilities of each body.

I have sport didactic knowledge to be able to apply several methods. With the individuality in the foreground I can bring the student closer to the desired goal with special tasks. Here you get a "rod" instead of a basket full of fish. Mainly I work on several levels with students and at the same time develop technique and mechanics for leaders or followers so that you can develop your own style.

Zafer will lead the "experiment" Tango meets Boxing together with Karin Schneider. Methods of boxing such as coordination training and visual perception will be brought into connection with the tango world in an exciting way.


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