Louisa von Halle & Armin Marschall – Tango

Louisa and Armin have been working together in the Mala Junta for 2 years and have developed a creative, playful and extremely musical style in their collaboration as a dance couple. In class, they attach particular importance to the great themes of tango: technique, communication and musicality.

They are always interested in the possibility to unfold in dance with joy and openness. Armin's 10 years of experience as a teacher and Louisa's understanding of body and movement through her training as a dance teacher give the lessons structure and depth.

In 2014, Louisa completed a 3-year training as a dance teacher in Hamburg.

She planned and directed various dance projects with children and adolescents. As a choreographer, she developed various pieces with the approach of combining dance, drama and tango - among others, in 2015, together with Jessica Hellmann, the play "Sehn.Sucht" was created.

Louisa's first teachers were Katharina Meier and Ulrich Struhk. She then studied with various teachers in Berlin and Buenos Aires. As a tango teacher she worked among others in the Tangomatrix (Hamburg) and since 2017 in the Mala Junta (Berlin).

"Dance, music and acting have always touched me, as a means to express and represent the unspeakable. In Tango I like the idea that it always takes two people to dance and that it feels different with each other. It always stays exciting and you can constantly discover new things with yourself. "

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Armin Marschall

Armin taught Art.13 for five years and has been working in the Mala Junta since 2016. As a teacher and as a dancer he does not only concentrate on the richness of tango-content but also on the form of learning, for the way one learns influences the dance. Or in his words: The style of one's dance is the story of its appropriation.

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