This was the team Brody 2019 | Teacher - Artists - Bands - Specials - DJs
(the update for 2020 will take place from approx. 12/2019)

An excerpt of the highlights

The detailed program for Brody workshops and supporting program:


Natasha Lewinger & Haris Mihail – Tango

Natasha Lewinger and Haris Mihail both started their tango in 2007 and their paths crossed at the beginning of 2016. They both love social dancing and especially the milonguero style. In their dance and in their classes, they value the connection, the musicality, dynamics, elegance and the necessary technical fundamentals.

Natasha and Haris are among the newcomerstars of the tango scene and we are happy to have them on board again.

Natasha is from Montevideo (Uruguay), the grace of her dance, her never-ending legs and her embrace are legendary.

Adrián Luppi & Anita Escobar – Tango

On their travels through Europe, Adrians and Anitas crossed paths and have been working together as a dance couple since 2017.

In their classes and dance, they leave aside the steps, but emphasize the freedom of the feeling and the movement, musicality, and mutual listening to leading and following. Their workshops are full of a great energy and creativity.

In addition to tango, they also devote themselves to Argentine folklore and are passionate Zamba and Chacarera dancers.

Anita started her Tango adventure as a ballet dancer at the age of 8. On this basis she began to work in various dance styles such as Argentine folklore, contemporary & neoclassical dance, salsa, bachata, kizomba and zouk.

Agata Czartoryska & Michał Kaczmarek – Tango

They studied with among these Maestros: Alejandra Mantinan, Aonikena Quiroga, Vanessa Villalba, Facundo Pinero, Geraldine Rojas, Ezequiela Paludi, Leandro Palou, Maria Tsiatsiani. Luciana Arregui and Andres Laza Moreno had the greatest influence on their dance in the Tango Salon style and Maestro el Puchu in the Milonguero style.

Her dance is "lindo" and "comodo". (beautiful and comfortable). It is a dialogue, it always happens "here and now". Tango is "dance music". They teach two types of tango: de salon and milonguero, which are based on their own method of transmitting technique and musicality. During the lessons they also offer a large portion of historical and cultural knowledge. Tango theatre performances use various other dance techniques based on the tango scenario.

Alicja Mikolajczyk & Malachai Payne – Tango

La Malisa (PL) and Malachai Payne (US) are tango dancers, teachers, choreographers and DJs and have been working for several years at Mala Junta Berlin, where they have successfully built up their classes and internships with colleagues on Fridays. The two have a rich dance background, Malachai as Tango Escenario dancer, Alicja as Ballet-, Jazz- and Contemporary Dance dancer.

What characterizes her as a dancing couple is the enormous musicality and creativity that she brings to her performances. Her strengths also include her teaching style, well structured, energetic, funny, with a lot of individual attention.

Louisa von Halle & Armin Marschall – Tango

Louisa and Armin will be there from 16 to 21 July - Louisa and Armin have been working together in the Mala Junta for 2 years and have developed a creative, playful and extremely musical style in their collaboration as a dance couple. In class, they attach particular importance to the great themes of tango: technique, communication and musicality.

They are always interested in the possibility to unfold in dance with joy and openness. Armin's 10 years of experience as a teacher and Louisa's understanding of body and movement through her training as a dance teacher give the lessons structure and depth.

In 2014, Louisa completed a 3-year training as a dance teacher in Hamburg. She planned and directed various dance projects with children and adolescents. As a choreographer, she developed various pieces with the approach of combining dance, drama and tango - among others, in 2015, together with Jessica Hellmann, the play "Sehn.Sucht" was created.

Karin Schneider – Tango