Candela Ramos – Tango

Candela will teach together with Mariano Quiroz and Eva Yufra, we are looking forward to new impulses of this trio.

What I offer are principals that are useful for understanding body language. Communication is the key to experience a shared physical freedom into the dance. I'll provide you with tools for an easier dialogue in between the couple and within yourself.

I am inspired by science. I am inquisitive and scientifically oriented, rather than professing “a correct way” to dance. I use physics, anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to explain our bodies’ natural dynamics. This allows you to gain a better understanding of your body and how to use it. I encourage you to listen to your body, to be attuned to the feedback

your body is giving you, which allows you to find the unique dynamic that works for you. The tools I provide you are mechanisms that allow you to adapt to your body, to your state, and to your partner.

I believe that the beauty we perceive in nature is the same as the beauty that results from the natural movement of our bodies. I believe that natural movement is authentic, beautiful,  corresponding to traditional dances and efficient. My artistic focus is on finding this authenticity in every moment.


With the age of six Candela did her first dance’s steps in a ballet studio. Passing through Ballet, Modern dance, Jazz, Contemporary jazz, Arabe, Yoga, Argentinian Folklore and many techniques of Contemporary Dance she arrived into Tango. She is a young teacher and dancer who already did a long and professional way by her own. She started teaching in DNI Tango School for several years and after she moved to Berlin as a base from where she traveled mainly around Europe teaching at Festivals, schools and special events. 

in Berlin, she met Axis Syllabus, a methodology for movement description using bio-mechanics, anatomy and physics for movement’s studies. Now she is part of their researcher’s Network and is a Candidate to be a Certificated teacher. She has the mission to apply those terms into Tango with the goal of getting more energy efficiency, comfortableness, to open the range of movement choices and prevent insures or at least to trace a suitable solution.



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