Katharina Meier & Ulrich Struhk – Tango

Katharina and Ulrich have been working together as a tango couple since 2006. They offer regular classes in Berlin. They also organize alternative and low-budget tango vacations and festivals in Germany and other European countries.

Katharina and Ulrich are not that much interested in teaching ambitious sequences of steps. Rather, they focus on the idea of leading and following. Their concept is to extract from leading and following techniques the sheer endless possibilities of this exciting dance with all its creative potential. In their classes, they take a great effort in exploring the specific talents and needs of each individual learner. Katharina and Ulrich have a reputation of creating an atmospherre in their classes that is warm and laid-back and yet enthusiastic and full of commitment.

Katharina acquired the technical basis during her long stays abroad, e.g. during her lessons in Colombia, which were influenced by "Los Dinzel", as well as especially during regular stays abroad and countless lessons in Buenos Aires, especially in the studio DNI and Tango Brujo, ....

Ulrich studied tango with numerous Berlin and international teachers, among them stars such as Los Dinzel, Gustavo Naveira or Alejandra Mantiñán, Pablo & Dana etc. At the same time, he's been practicing acrobatics since his childhood when he acquired skills for instance in Poi or in fire dance. Later he studied body work and body kinesis techniques such as Alexander technique, Feldenkrais, and contact improvisation. All these experiences greatly enrich Ulrich's work as a dancer and tango teacher.



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