This was the team 2019 | DJs, Teacher, Artists & Specials (still in process)

You can expect an interaction of Tango as a central theme paired with Pilates (promotion of the center), Spiral-muscle training & Yoga. The combination of tango and bodywork gives you a deep access to your body and to tango. All teachers are also available for private lessons during the TangoSafari. (Subject to change without notice).




Rhythm & Musicality

DJs & DJanes

For the Enquentro with the Tangocafé during the day and the daily milongas during the night, we invite experienced DJs who will keep us in the dance flow with their feeling for the respective mood and who should leave nothing to be desired with a varied programme.


All teachers will be available for private classes during the festival, just ask them.


Mario de Camillis – Tango

Mario will teach together with Fatma Oussaifi.

Mario has more than 17 years of international experience in Argentine Tango, whether as a dancer in shows, on stage, or as a teacher.

Double Campeon in the categories Milonga and Vals at the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Championship, finalist at the Tango World Championship, and passionate teacher - now you can also enjoy his special Tango approach.

Dancer and Tango Argentino Teacher. From the beginning, his artistic and pedagogical quest has been in two marked directions. A clear development of the traditional tango together with the search for the fusion of dance and theatre. What is his tango?...he tries to explain these words.

My Tango What kind of Tango? The traditional, of course; the one that saves the root, the connection and the pleasure of each movement.

Fatma Oussaifi – Tango

Fatima will teach together with Mario de Camillis.

Fatma Oussaifi was immersed into Tango universe in 2003 - Learning, investigating, performing and teaching. Formed in several disciplines (classical and neoclassical ballet,modern jazz, standard and latin-american couple dances and Flamenco) her tango has a background of different body languages and techniques. She consider the dance as a body product as well as a cultural product. She extends her work from the physical body movement to the social body, fundamental axis of any social dance. 

In 2013 she founded ResidenceTango. She teached in Italy,France, Sweden and Germany but also in Reunion Island and Madagascar.

Beside the tango she was trained to yoga in Paris since 2011 and organises yoga events and retreats. Her teaching combines a pure dance technique, a coherent body language highly fed from yoga practice; besides a global consideration of the social, cultural, historical and also political dimensions of Tango.

After a research Master thesis in «Paris 3 -Sorbonne Nouvelle - University» whose

Rodrigo Fonti – Tango