This was the team 2018 | DJs, Teacher, Artists & Specials

That was the team 2018 - we are planning for 2019 - release from dec. 2019 onwards.
An international team will once again offer us a varied and varied program.
(Changes subject to change)




Rhythm & Musicality

DJs & DJanes

For the Enquentro with the Tangocafé during the day and the daily milongas during the night, we invite experienced DJs who will keep us in the dance flow with their feeling for the respective mood and who should leave nothing to be desired with a varied programme.


All teachers will be available for private classes during the festival, just ask them.

Mabel Rivero – Tango

Mabel began training in classical ballet in early youth, later modern dance, contemporary dance, release technique, choreography, group psychology and Tango Argentino. She completed her tango education and special style studies at Orlando Paiva in Rosario. She studied with Gustavo Naveira, Graciela Gonzales, Mario Bournissen, Sebastian De La Vallina and Eugenia Parrilla in Buenos Aires.

Mabel has worked as a dancer and choreographer in numerous tango festivals and tango events in South America and Europe. The highlight was a European tour with the orchestra of Domingo Federico and the third "Festival Internacional de Tango" of the city of Buenos Aires under the organizational direction of Miguel Angel Zotto.

We are delighted that Mabel is coming to Italy with Sebastian de la Vallina this year.

Sebastian de la Vallina – Tango

Tango dancer, musician (cello) and composer! Sebastian comes from Rosario and studied Tango in Buenos Aires with, among all, El Tete Rusconi, el “Pupi” Castello, “Mingo” Pugliese, Roberto Herrerra, Gustavo Naveira, J. Carlos Copes.

As a musician he has a deep understanding and passion for musicality, he is a great performer and entertainer. He teaches the essence of Tango in the way we move together,- with our partner and with the music.

Sebastian and Mabel know each other for a long time and complement each other excellently, we are happy to have won the two as a teacher for Ompio.

Sven Elze – Tango

Characteristic of his work is an intensive understanding of body, music and energy. This stems from his diverse artistic education. In his hometown of Ulm, he played as an electric bassist in various bands and completed a Tai Chi teacher training, learned Russian martial arts under Mikhail Ryabko and Andreas Weitzel in Augsburg and Chi-Gung, Ba-Gua-Chang and meditation in San Francisco with Bruce Kumar Frantzis.

In 2002 he moved to Berlin and began studying sculpture / drawing at the UdK with Tony Cragg and learned aikido with Gerhard Walter. Through this path, he eventually moved to the dance and tango Argentino. He enriched the following years of tango studies with various teachers by training on the Indian Tabla and the Persian Tonbak.

Guggi Zuzáková – Tango

Guggi completed her studies as a stage dancer in Switzerland and Holland on the "Hogeschool voor de kunsten Arnhem". During this time, she began to teach in the school Tango "Flor de Tango". Today Guggi lives in Berlin, working as a freelance dancer and as a tango teacher at many international tango festivals and as teacher at tango travel tours.

In the classes of Tango, her focus is
particular laying on the independence and freedom of the follower. This includes a strong axis, a free leg and a relaxed attitude, physically and mentally. The joy of dancing can thus never be lost!

Guggi is going to teach together with Sven. They are very experienced to teach together and we are very happy to have them on board.

Andrea Gasperini „el Popùl Castello“ (Tango)

Andrea is from Bologna in Italy.  He began to dance Tango in 1998 and has been teaching since 2002.  He is the co-director of the 'Puro Tango' school, which is one of the most dynamic Tango academies in Northern Italy. Andrea is also a DJ who travels to numerous festivals in Europe and has DJes in some of the most prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires also such as Salon Canning.

"I offer workshops and seminars to dancers focused on the rhythmic reading of the different styles of Tango, Milonga and Vals music to accompany every type with the right style of dancing."

Andrea dances a elegant Milonguerostyl and he shines in a refined and varied repertoire of movement. When he is teaching he is very clear and precise, the fun is not neglected. One evening Andrea will inspire us as a DJ.





Katharina Meier & Ulrich Struhk – Tango

Katharina and Ulrich have been working together as a tango couple since 2006. They offer regular classes in Berlin. They also organize alternative and low-budget tango vacations and festivals in Germany and other European countries.

Katharina and Ulrich are not that much interested in teaching ambitious sequences of steps. Rather, they focus on the idea of leading and following. Their concept is to extract from leading and following techniques the sheer endless possibilities of this exciting dance with all its creative potential. In their classes, they take a great effort in exploring the specific talents and needs of each individual learner. Katharina and Ulrich have a reputation of creating an atmospherre in their classes that is warm and laid-back and yet enthusiastic and full of commitment.

Rieke Rosenfeld – Feldenkrais

Since 2008 Rieke is working as a Feldenkrais teacher. While she was learning the Feldenkraismethod she got to know the tango. Fascinated by how the Feldenkrais methods helped to develop her own dance she quickly felt the desire to teach these methods to other Tango dancers.

Feldenkrais is an excellent method to improve the feeling and perception of our own body. Motion relationships develop from the inside out and the body discovers intuitively new ways of moving lightly and fluidly.

For Rieke, it is important to learn with joy and ease and teach. We learn as we pursue goals without effort and doggedness and promote awareness of our own body and our partners. For the tango, this means a light, flowing and playful use of the dance and its own movement.

Cornelia Schulz – Spiral muscle training & massage

Cornelia is a nourishing therapist and has taught spiral muscle training for several years. In the year 2014, she discovered the tango and realized very quickly that in the spiral muscle training many body regions are addressed and movement sequences are trained, which are important in tango. For the erection, a stable body center and stability on one leg we use for the construction, or the training of the spirals muscles.

The training supports our anatomically functional movements according to the spiral dynamics. Strengthened, stretched and relaxed are precisely the muscle groups that we need for efficiency in movement - while walking and dancing. Thus our diagonal muscle chain remains elastic from the feet to:

Luzia Neiger – Yoga

It is with joy that I accompany people on their unique way to experience themselves completely and in one piece. My deep longing for understanding and for the meaning of life has always encouraged me to go further, to open myself to new things and to dive into the unknown. Every day I learn more, my fellow men are the greatest teachers.

Since 2011 I have dedicated myself to Yoga in addition to my work with Shiatsu and Meditation. It is a pleasure for me to pass on my experiences and insights in yoga. Yoga promotes mobility and presence on all levels and brings you into your midst even after dancing through the night.

Agnes Liebetrau – Yoga

Agnes Liebetrau M.A., dance and movement therapist (BTD) and yoga teacher (RYS). I teach yoga in clinical settings as well as freelance injoy and in connection with tango events. I myself love yoga as a combination of mindfulness and movement, breathing, relaxation and challenge.

Homepage of Agnes


Dagmar Gerber – Pilates

She has been teaching health sports for 30 years and is a B-Liz. Instructor for aerobics (DFAV), licensed Pilates trainer, international licensed Hatha yoga teacher, back trainer and much more. She also teaches Pilates for Tango dancers, Yogalates (a mixture of Pilates and Yoga flow), Stretching.

Already at the age of 6 she started ballet dancing, changed after years to jazz & modern dance, then danced for many years to salsa dance, until she finally got stuck with Argentine tango, her passion, many years ago.

Andreas Kohlmann – Percussion

Andreas Kohlmann is living in Berlin and is working as drummer, percussionist, teacher and author. His musical training started as a classical percussionist. After conservatory, he traveled extensively in Latin America and West Africa. Back in Germany he joined an international Rock-Comedy show to tour all over Europe. After settling in Berlin, he works for different productions from dance to theater to variety-shows to his own world-music-trio.

His educational book "Percussion: Africa, Brasil, Cuba" is one of the most sold books on that subject in Germany (more than 15.000 copies sold)

As a clinician, he was invited to teach workshops for major conservatories in Germany and for  SambaSyndrom in Berlin. In the Tangosafari workshop, we will start with basic rhythmic exercises and build litte percussive pieces with this material on easy-to-play instruments (boomwhackers, cajons, small percussion). The workshop is open to any level.

Massage offer in Italy

Also this year we are rebuilding the massage tent and you have the opportunity to be pampered with different massage techniques. From the individual Feldenkrais treatment to Lomi oil massage to the more powerful massage, you have the choice and can be pampered with a soothing treatment and bring your tired legs back into swing.

The massage offer is not an inclusive service and can be individually arranged by you individually with your desired therapists.

Special: Tangomode von Moda Milonguera

" tango art to wear"  "Fare del tango un'arte da indossare"

During the festival it will be possible to buy clothes of the brand Moda Milonguera.

Moda Milonguera is expected to be present from Fr. 21.9. to So 23.9.



Special: Shoes & Tango cloth

During the festival there will be the opportunity to buy Tango Shoes & cloth by Madame Pivot. The famous Tuscan brand produces elegant and comfortable tango shoes for women and men. More Infos will follow. 


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