DJs, Teacher, Artists & Specials (still in progress)

You can expect an interaction of Tango as a central theme paired with Pilates (promotion of the center), Spiral-muscle training & Yoga. The combination of tango and bodywork gives you a deep access to your body and to tango. All teachers are also available for private lessons during the TangoSafari. (Subject to change without notice).




Rhythm & Musicality


DJs & DJanes (need to be updated)

For the Enquentro with the Tangocafé during the day and the daily milongas during the night, we invite experienced DJs who will keep us in the dance flow with their feeling for the respective mood and who should leave nothing to be desired with a varied programme.


All teachers will be available for private classes during the festival, just ask them.


Tango Pichuco - Duo

Tango Pichuco is a duo made up of Gino Zambelli (Bandoneon) and Luca Rossetti (Piano), established as a tribute to Anibal Troilo, known as Pichuco, one of the most extraordinary Argentinian bandoneonists.

Tango Pichuco performs in milongas and tango festivals in Italy  (Turin, Milan, Venice, Alghero, Cagliari etc) and abroad (France, Switzerland etc).

Tango Pichuco plays on friday: 27.9.2019

Gino Zambelli, Bandoneon
Luca Rosetti, Piano

Tango Pichuco@Facebook


Natasha Lewinger & Haris Mihail – Tango

Natasha Lewinger and Haris Mihail both started their tango in 2007 and their paths crossed at the beginning of 2016. They both love social dancing and especially the milonguero style. In their dance and in their classes, they value the connection, the musicality, dynamics, elegance and the necessary technical fundamentals.

Natasha and Haris are among the newcomerstars of the tango scene and we are happy to have them on board again.

Natasha is from Montevideo (Uruguay), the grace of her dance, her never-ending legs and her embrace are legendary.

Aurelie Lafond & Julian Hahn - Tango

We use Julian's experience as a teacher in DNI Buenos Aires and member of the DNI company to share with you the tango that we most love to dance: connected and musical. After 4 years of living in Buenos Aires we moved to Berlin, where we teach and dance together. We speak English, German, Spanish and French!

Our teaching is based on:

  • natural movements, using the biomechanics of the body so that you can dance  with comfort and enjoyment.
  • listening closely to your partner and working deeply with connection so that you give your partner the opportunity to fully express themselves.
  • appreciating and understanding tango music so that you can play with the music and truly enjoy your tandas

Our goal is to give you all the tools you need to dance in the milonga.

Rodrigo Fonti – Tango