Prices for participation, accommodation and catering 2020

Our prices are split into two components. A general charge covers classes, programme and organisation. In addition there is a rate for acommodation and catering, which we ask you to pay on site. Please organize your trip individually; fares are not included in the prices.

Workshop and festival pass

  • Participants who do not want to attend workshops only pay for the Basic Festival ticket.
  • The Basic Festival Pass entitles you to participate in the day & evening events, shows & concerts.
  • Der Basic-Festivalpass berechtigt zur Teilnahme an den Tages- & Abendveranstaltungen, Praktikas, Shows & Konzerten.
  • The festival pass is valid from 2 p.m. of the first day of the booked period until 4 p.m. of the last day of the period. If you wish to stay longer you'd need to book an extra day.
  • * There is limited accommodation for visitors and participants who do not wish to attend any workshops.
  • These prices to not include food (could be paid extra)

Basic Festival ticket & Tango marathon

excl. Workshops
participation package: 13 - 20 september 2020 215,00€
single days (from 2 pm to 4 pm next day) 40,00€


Workshop flatrates (it`s your choice)

Flat total (Tango & BW) Flat Body (only Bodywork)
WS-participation package: 13 - 20 september 2020 195,00€ 70,00€
single days (from 2 pm to 4 pm next day) 40,00€ 15,00€

Short time participation - Milongas & single day participation

  • especially local tango dancers are welcome to visit the Milongas in the early & late evening
  • or to take part in single days of the TangoSafari
  • These prices to not include food (could be paid extra)
  • If you want to stay over night please ask us

Milonga visitors - daytime & evening

Evening Milongas, daily (21h until last tanda)
Milonga Aperitivo, daily (~6 pm until 9 pm) 10,00€
single days (from 2 pm to 4 pm the following day) (relaxing at the festivalsite and joining al milongas) 40,00€


Accommodation and catering

Regular accommodation in two- or three-bed rooms. Low-budget accommodation in the dormitory or in your own tent or camper van.

Type of accomodation / food

single days (extra days)

whole period

mainhouse, 2-bedroom lakeview, own bathroom* - (72€) 504,00€
mainhouse, 2-bedroom forestview, own/shared bathroom* - (63€) 441,00€
mainhouse, 2-bedroom attik, shared bathroom* - (57€) 399,00€
mainhouse, 4-bedroom forestview, own bathroom* - (55€) 385,00€
Casa Felicina, 2-bedroom, shared bathroom* - (53€) 371,00€
Casa Felicina, 4-bedroom, shared bathroom* - (48€) 336,00€
dormitory (incl. mat, bed linen and blanket ) 40€ (40€) 266,00€
spot for your tent or camper 38€ (38€) 266,00€
hotel de la nieve, 2-bedroom, own bathroom - (70€) 490,00€
only food on site (I take care of my own accommodation) 30€ (30€) 210,00€
external accommodation & meals off site (I take care of my own accommodation) 5€ (5€) 35,00€
children, age 0–2 years 0€ (0€) 0,00€
children, age 3–8 years 10€ (10€) 70,00€
children, age 9–16 years 15€ (15€) 105,00€
additional bed for child, incl. bed linen and blanket (for entire period only) - 70,00€
mat for tent (bring your own sleeping bag & linen; for entire period only) fix 20,00€
bed for baby (for entire period only) fix 10,00€

* Single day visitors and participants who do not want to attend workshops are offered limited accommodation options.
* The prices are per person.
* the prices include all meals with full catering (breakfast, lunch, coffee break & dinner)
* Extra days are the days before and after the festival (so you can make your arrival and departure more flexible).
* The catering in the Centro d`Ompio is purely vegetarian.

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