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We move to northern Italy and leave our beloved Arezzo. The new Tango safari base is the beautiful seminar center "Centro d'Ompio" in Piedmont, located directly on the Lago d'Orta (about 50 km north of Milan).

The Centro d'Ompio is like a green oasis in the mountains with a direct view of the Lago d`Orta. We expect several dance halls with wooden floors, a bodywork dome. a large terrace with a huge pool, a fireplace, wide meadows, waterfalls in the immediate vicinity and delicious food - the ideal environment for a varied and exciting safari of the senses with lots of tango.

Centro d´Ompio - Associazione Culturale
Via Pratolungo 47, Pratolungo
I-28028 Pettenasco (NO)

Map of the area

Übersichtsplan der gesamten Anlage (zum Vergrößern bitte klicken) / Map of the whole area (click to increase)Übersichtsplan Haupthaus / Map MainhouseThe facility is divided into two main areas:

On the one hand the main house with some rooms, the dance pavilion & bodywork dome, the dining area, the large terrace with pool and the massage dome as well as some areas for campers. The daily Tango Encuentro (Tango-Café / daymilonga) as well as the big Milonga takes place in the dance pavilion.

The second large building complex is the "Casa Felicina" about 10-15 minutes walk away below the main house. There are further rooms with a simpler standard as well as an additional large dance hall with anteroom for chilling and chatting. The tango workshops take place here.

The whole area is embedded in the green and you feel like in the jungle. We sleep in double or shared rooms, in tents or dormitory or in our own camper. Single room accommodation is only possible externally due to the limited number of rooms. 

Here you can get some further impressions about the new location the Centro d´Ompio.

Accommodation & Food

Rooms with bathroom, dormitory, tent or camper van

Cosy two- or three-bed rooms will accommodate us. Single rooms can be booked externally. For low budget accommodation, there's also a dormitory and a camp site (please bring your own sleeping bags and sleeping mats; we have no extra mats for the dormitory). There's a limited number of about 50 beds. For more information on your options please see under prices.

External accommodation

Accommodation is also available off site. There are several options in the vicinity of Centro d´Ompio. If you want you can still book our catering and join us for the meals, so that you can match your day with our programme more easily. 

  • The hotel "Madonna Della Neve" is only about 10-15 minutes walk away (the reservation is about us, since we have booked the hotel completely)
  • Camping "Camping Royal" with small fixed caravans and small cabins, about 15-20 minutes on foot
  • The hotel/Bed&Breakfast "B&B Garni' Bellavista" about 10-15 minutes by car (the reservation is about us, since we have booked the B&B completely) (Bellavista @ Booking.com)
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