TANGOSAFARI – A voyage of discovery exploring the tango

The special tango holiday - tango holidays you won't forget - a tango festival that offers more than workshops & anonymous milongas - the tango camp for friends & explorers – that's TangoSafari

We regret to inform you that we have to cancel TangoSafaris 2021 with a heavy heart due to the unclear situation and the associated risks and planning uncertainties for organizers. A TangoSafari with a lot of conditions and restrictions does not correspond to what we imagine to be a relaxed and turned togetherness. We are also not happy with this decision and hope for your understanding.

Should the decision makers change their minds at short notice, we will check if a TangoSafari is still feasible. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date.

TangoSafari Brody 2021 – in palace Brühl in Brody, Poland - unfortunately cancelled cry

We regret to inform you that we have to cancel TangoSafari Brody 2020 with a heavy heart due to the Corona crisis and the associated risks and planning uncertainties. We ask for your understanding for our decision - we all have to make sure that we can dance together again as soon as possible - please take care and stay healthy!

TangoSafari Lago d´Orta 2021 - northern Italy - cancelled due to corona crisis

Due to the confusion of rules and regulations and the associated risk for organizers, we unfortunately had to decide to also cancel the TangoSafari Lago d`0rta.

First there were some interested people who would have been glad to meet like-minded tango friends and who wanted to make privately organized vacations in the Centro d`Ompio. But in the end, so few people got in touch that the Cento unfortunately can't maintain this offer now :-(

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